Uniform Regulations

Hair of male cadets will be tapered in the back with sideburns no longer than the orifice of the ear, neatly trimmed. Hair will not fall over the ears or eyebrows and the hair on top will not interfere with normal wear of the military cover. Male cadets will always be clean-shaven except that a mustache may be worn if neatly trimmed. Hair of female cadets when in uniform will be pinned and arranged so that it will not fall below the collar of the uniform being worn. Hair will not be worn in such a way that the uniform cover cannot be worn properly.

Female cadets may wear small, polished earrings, ball or round stud type with all uniforms except camouflage. Earrings must not exceed¼ inch in diameter. Only one earring per ear is authorized. Earrings may not be worn while participating in parades, reviews or ceremonies. Male cadets will not wear earrings or facial makeup while in uniform.

The Marine Corps JROTC program requires that cadets wear their uniform at least one day a week. The Senior Marine Instructor will establish what day of the week cadets should wear their uniforms. Any time a cadet wears his or her uniform, it should always be worn with pride and care. Cadets must always be careful to be on their best behavior when wearing their uniforms. Improper behavior by cadets is not tolerated at any time and is severely dealt with if in uniform.