Parris Island

This is a bi-annual trip for Parkview MCJROTC. Cadets experienced the confidence course, obstacle course and part of the Crucible. During the visit to Parris Island the cadets observed the following training:
1. Yellow Foot Prints Indoctrination. This will allow them to briefly experience what a new recruit experiences when he or she arrives at Parris Island.

2. Confidence Course Application. This is a series of obstacles that each cadet will voluntarily negotiate to physically challenge themselves and build self-confidence.

3. Live Fire Range Observation. This training is designed for familiarization and demonstration, not for application. No cadet will actually fire a weapon.

4. Pool Tour. The cadets will be a tour of the pool where each recruit is trained and required to pass a swimming test. Although they will observe swim training, the cadets will not participate in any water training.

5. Crucible Facility Brief and Application. The cadets will receive a brief on and observe training at the Crucible. This is the training that has recently been added to recruit training in order to develop better team building skills. On the second day of training, the cadets will have the opportunity to experience the challenge. The difficulty factor is similar to the Low COPE Course at Camp Rainey Mountain.

6. ISMT Application. The Indoor Simulation Marksmanship Trainer (ISMT) is a training device that allows the cadet to experience real life combatant scenarios using simulation. Although the weapons are designed to be realistic and fire just like the real thing, there is no ammunition involved. This is a lot of fun!

7. Obstacle Course Demonstration and Application. This course has a series of obstacles that each cadet may voluntarily negotiate. These obstacles range from a few feet in height to ten feet in height with a 20-foot rope climb at the end. This is all done under the close supervision of instructors and each cadet will have to safety spotters as they negotiate the course. Safety is paramount.

8. Rappelling. Each cadet will receive instruction and be afforded the opportunity to rappel down a tower up to 53 feet in height. The height of the rappel will be determined prior to application and will be dependent on the confidence and experience of each cadet.

9. Close Order Drill (COD). There will be many sessions of COD while at Parris Island. How can you go to the Recruit Depot without experiencing drill! I'm sure that we all will learn some new drill moves during these sessions.

Last trip was 2015-2016 school year. If a cadet is interested in this they should listen for the announcement in class and sign up on the roster as soon as possible, this is first come first serve gets to go. Trip fee is $150.00 this includes a bus ride to Parris Island, room and board. It's encouraged to send spending money for cadets to purchase meals during the bus ride and for spending at the Post Exchange during free time. Parents may go as chaperones. Location, 283 Blvd De France, Parris Island, SC 29905.