Lilburn Daze

It's a fun day. The cadets working this detail at our booth will be doing face painting and temporary tattoos. It's a goodwill gesture to our visitors at no cost to them but donations are welcomed. We will have a donation jar at the booth and art supplies are provided. 

Cadets work in one shift Friday for setup then shifts on Saturday. Parents and guardians are asked to work as volunteer chaperones for one shift on Friday until the cadets are done setting up, then in shifts on Saturday. Dress comfortably and you may want to bring a camp chair along for your comfort. Also if your cadet works the Saturday detail, it's a good idea to send them with some spending money if possible, since the lawn will be filled with vendors selling food and drinks.

A reminder, please be considerate of others and be on time dropping off and picking up your cadet for service details. The highest ranking cadet will be in charge. And remember if you are working the last shift please remain until all cadets are picked up.

We really appreciate you taking the time to volunteer! Parents and guardians, please use the link below for and pick your volunteer spot. Thank you for your support of our program.