Orientation is extremely important in starting the new year off right.  During orientation cadet's gear is issued, we fellowship, the Instructors share their vision for the school year.  It helps to put a face to a name. The Booster Club will be introduced as points of contact for questions that you may have. 

When: August 11th -  Required Orientation.  Here's a basic outline for the day:

Where: Parkview Cafeteria (potluck) & ROTC Gym

Times: 9:00 AM - 14:00 PM (Entire event) ** Note:  End time was updated from 13:00 to 14:00.


  • 8:00 AM -   8:30 AM     Cadet staff meeting
  • 8: 30 AM -  11:30 AM    Uniforms issued in ROTC gym. (LE II - LE IV 9:30 -11:30 uniforms issued)
  • 12:00 PM - 14:00 PM    Potluck lunch in the cafeteria.  Please bring enough to feed your family plus two more. 

Potluck Items Listed by Rank: Enough to feed your family + 2 more

  • LE4 bring -   Desserts & Drinks
  • LE3 bring -   Entree & Drinks 
  • LE2 bring -   Side dishes or Salads
  • LE1 bring -  Main entree

Spirit Wear:

There will be a limited supply of PT Gear and Spirit Wear available for purchase the day of orientation.

Booster Club:

Booster Club members will be set up in the cafeteria to accept dues payments, purchase Marine Corp Ball tickets, and assist with Spirit Wear.  Cash, check and cards accepted for payments, 3% service charge added to credit card purchases. 

List of Dues and fees:
  • Booster Club Value Package Dues from TODAY until 8/17:  $90  (1 Cadet Ball ticket and polo shirt)
  • Booster Club Dues      $80.00 (dues include polo shirt)  the following by year:  Year 1 - Polo, Year 2 - Hoodie, Year 3 - Polo, Year 4 Senior Plaque and Stole)
  • Drill Team                  $300.00
  • Rifle Team                  $300.00
  • Cadet Ball Ticket       $25.00 (price will go up to $35.00 per cadet October 2nd) 
  • Guest Ball Ticket       $35.00

 *All cadets should plan to stick around after the potluck is done to help clean up the cafeteria.