Summer Shade 5K Run

A fun start to the school year running a 5k road race with GySgt Erwin. Cadets run in formation chanting out cadence calls. It's an impressive site. Sometimes our cadets win prizes for their race times.

We meet up in the ROTC parking lot at 6:30 AM and drive as a group.  Gunny meets the group at the park. The race registration starts at 7:00 AM. Once the race is done and prizes handed out the group heads back to the ROTC parking lot for parent pick-up. Generally, there is no fee for the cadets to the run race. 

Cadet family members are welcome to join in the race. Family members will need to handle your registration with Summer Shade Run separately, link provided below. 

Parents and guardians, we will need your help driving cadets to and from the event. The number of drivers needed will be depend on number of cadets participating. Please use the link below for and pick your spot.