Drill Team

Drill is an integral part of the Marine Corps Junior ROTC program. Drill teaches good discipline, enhances concentration and builds esprit de corps in a unit. In addition to being a part of the MCJROTC cadet curriculum, a drill team and drill competition is a very worthwhile cadet activity. Drill competition may be conducted from the local to the very competitive national level. Not all cadets will qualify to be a member of the Marine Corps JROTC drill team. Membership on the drill team requires a great deal of dedication and practice. Practice is held after school on the ROTC drill deck.

Raiders are part of Drill team.  By taking part in Drill team cadets are, physically fit (including mostly curl-ups, push-ups, & for those who run the relays they need to be fast at running short distance), academically smart (be knowledgeable of DOD Chain of Command & NS1-3 & Cadet Field Manual for the ones who are competing in the academic exam), and be able to drill. In drill, you will do things such as Columns, Flanks, Phases, Salutes, & other marching and stationary drill. Through drill, the cadet will learn good leadership skills, discipline, along with several other life-long skills. Drill consists of Basic Armed, Basic Unarmed, Armed Exhibition, Unarmed Exhibition, Athletics, and also an academic test. Unarmed drill is done without the drill rifles and Armed drill is done with the rifles.

During the summer camp is help for new drill members and returning drill members. There is no fee for Drill camp. Check the calendar of events for dates, times and more information. Drill team tryouts will be held once school starts, check with GySgt Erwin for dates and times. Drill Team dues are payable at our annual orientation, at scheduled Booster Club meeting as well as to GySgt Erwin.

GySgt Erwin is the coach of the Parkview Drill Team & Color Guard. Should you have any questions about Drill Team or Color Guard you can use the contact button below for GySgt Erwin. To request cadets for Color Guard use "Request Cadet for Service"  button below, and allow 72 hours for a response.