Parent’s Chaperone Guidelines

Thank you for supporting, not only your cadet(s) but all the of cadets in our program. Service work is a large part of our organization and we can’t do it without your help. It’s the cadet’s responsibility to sign up for service details on the roster in ROTC gym, these fill up fast, first come first serve. Coordinate with your cadet ahead of time as to which details you will do together. Before a service detail, your cadet will bring home an LOI (letter of intent) for you to sign and the cadet to return. The LOI gives the specific details about the event you are asked to chaperone such as; what cadets should wear, times, dates, and location.

To help you, these are some guidelines to follow while chaperoning:

  • It is important that chaperones be on time.
  • Chaperones should be a visible presence the entire time. It’s important that you be aware of what’s going on at all times.
  • You are there to be seen and assist as needed.
  • The most senior cadets are in charge and will keep the junior cadets in line, check them in/out, or send them for breaks.
  • Adults should always have cadets visible. We are there to be seen by the community so that the community knows that the cadets are not alone. 
  •  If you are the last shift of the day, make sure all cadets are picked up before you leave. Transportation arrangements are the responsibility of each cadet’s parents.
  • Should you have questions or concerns please contact one of the board members, whose phone numbers have been provided to you or use the contact buttons provided on this page. 
  • Please be on time dropping off and picking up your student.