Marine Corps JROTC at its essence is a character education program. The program keeps kids in school, helps them find their way during the turbulent teenage years, and assists them in becoming productive members of their community. Our program produces young men and women who are ready to accept the responsibilities as well as the privileges of citizenship. We are rightfully proud of our contribution to America’s future and thankful for the dedicated instructors, staff, school administrators, and communities whose hard work and commitment make the program’s success possible. MCJROTC is not the easiest path and it is not for everyone. Yet for those who have chosen to participate, it is an experience that has helped many young adults make the right decisions during their high school experience.

Community Service

We have a long history within the Lilburn Community for offering our volunteer time assisting with community-based projects. We complete more than 4000 hours of community service each year. Cadets are required to participate in at least 4  Service Details in a school year as part of their leadership grade. Parkview cadets help set up for National Nights Out, Lilburn Daze, or feed the veterans at Atlanta VA Medical Center. Leadership training is built into service details where a military based structure is in place with the highest ranking cadet in charge during the detail. Parkview MCJROTC is one of the largest non-corporate contributors to the local Toys for Tots drive raising nearly 70,000 annually. 100% goes towards the purchase of presents for local children. 
Our JROTC family members are an integral part of our service details volunteering their time to chaperone at each event. With nearly 180 cadets in the program, all needing 4 details that’s a lot of hours the Booster Club families cover and we thank you for your efforts to make this successful. 

Gunnery Sergeant Dave Erwin

Gunnery Sergeant Dave Erwin
Marine Instructor
Parkview High School Marine Corps JROTC

Drill Team Instructor
Head Lacrosse Coach
Parkview High School Class of 1981